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Why We're Great >

FLEXERPAC was founded in 2007 and is producing disposable plastic packaging.

Company’s production line is equipped with the newest, high-technology machines, allowing for the production of ecologically friendly products of the highest quality. The Company is staffed with experienced personnel and constantly improving skills and qualifications of our team is our most important goal. Taken together, these qualities allow FLEXERPAC to deliver the highest standards of production and service to our customers.

FLEXERPAC understands the impact that plastic products have on the environment. The company is committed to introducing environmentally friendly products, including bio PET, which degrades more quickly than standard plastics. We work closely with our customers to educate them on importance of recycling.


Why We're Great >

ProCredit Bank Georgia is part of the international ProCredit group of banks, which operates mainly in Eastern and South-eastern Europe in countries with transition economies as well as in Germany. ProCredit Holding is the group’s parent company.

During its many years of operation in the banking sector, the group has undergone several different stages of development, each of which has entailed strategic changes. However, at each stage, the group’s target segment has always been the SME business sector, which it has provided with comprehensive banking services on the “Hausbank” principle.

The ProCredit group is serious about its responsibility to offer ethical banking services in all of the countries where it operates; this includes compliance with social, ethical and environmental standards. Membership of the international group of banks allows ProCredit customers to take advantage of the best conditions for the most popular banking services.

This modern highly integrated banking group, which has successfully established itself in Eastern Europe, is now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s Prime Standard, underlining its financial strength and worldwide reputation.